Pete Wright

Bass, Vocals

The Grassifieds have no trouble finding the downbeat, thanks to one of the finest bassists in bluegrass. The award-winning Pete Wright got his start playing bass in a British Invasion cover band in the late 1960's, though he credits the late Freddy Goodhart of Lexington, VA for getting him hooked on bluegrass way back in 1972. In 1984, Pete became a full-time bass player with String Fever, a popular local band that included both Pete and Jerry Martin until it dissolved in 2008. Pete has been playing bass with The Grassifieds since 2010, having done some performing with the Williams Brothers (Lewisville, NC) and the novelty band Chestnut Street Ramblers (Winston-Salem, NC). With The Grassifieds, Pete usually supplies the all-important third harmony part to the vocal mix.